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Abstract  Landscapes

water in Botswana
digital painting of fall colors
Reflection in the ocean in Sulawesi, Indonesia
sunset water reflection in Botswana
water reflections in Sulawesi, Indonesia
6 photos of kelp from Point Lobos, California
6 photos of sand from Namibia
Reeds in Botswana
6 photos of water reflections in the Philippines
Botswana reed and water reflection
Ice in Colorado
details of scrap metal
Botswana reed and water reflection
Kelp in the South Georgia Islands

Abstract patterns fascinate me, especially reflections on water.  Growing up in the Sonoran desert in Arizona, water was an infrequent and ephemeral event - a cause for celebration!  I am mesmerized by the sight of light dancing on the water.  Reflections on water, seen from both above and below the surface, appear as windows into a different dimension.  Some of my images intentionally look like paintings.